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What’s even better, you can sign up NOW, complete the easy online certification tomorrow morning, and become a fully-fledged web designer selling our websites by tomorrow night. How amazing is that?!

I guess that’s why you pressed the upgrade button, huh? Smart choice!

I really look forward to you becoming a part of our happy (but slightly dysfunctional) geek family soon.”

Bianca xx

Bianca Board, Director, Web123

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Only $199 a month
  • All the tools you need to run a profitable web
    design company from ONLY $199 a month!!!
  • Create CMS websites that easily rivals ANY
    $10,000+ website. ?

    The beauty of using our ProPartner layout system is that a lot of the hard work is done for you!

    You’re saving a huge amount of time (and so can charge less) because instead of reinventing the wheel every time, we just give you a selection of “wheels” to choose from!

  • Get your first website for FREE. ?

    Yep, you read that right! Once you’ve signed up and get certified, you may have a free website which we recommend you use for yourself (or you can give directly to a client... it’s up to you).

    There is one tiny condition... As a ProPartner you will need to sell 8 websites in your first 12 months. Otherwise we will charge you $750 at the end of your first year.

  • Design and launch websites in as little as 4 hours! ?

    4 hours is the fastest time a Web123 ProPartner has managed to create a website for one of their clients. From initial concept to final site launch... it only took 4 hours!

    Of course we’ve had a bit of practice... but once you get the hang of Web123 (and trust me... it really won’t take that long), you’ll be quoting mere days to produce a website for your clients, whilst your competitors are still quoting “6 to 8 weeks”.

  • Access to 100+ training videos.
  • Unlimited support from the Web123 team.
  • Access to LOADS of educational resources & eBooks.
  • Finally you can ditch your developer, and
    do it all yourself… without a single line of code!
  • Steal over 30+ years of our web and marketing
    with our compliments!
  • No lock-in contract: leave anytime
    (but we doubt you will!). ?

    Our ‘No Lock In Contract’ means exactly that. If you want to leave (though why would you?) there is a button that will allow you to leave immediately in the control panel. It really is that easy.

    We require absolutely no notice. However we suggest that you (a) give us a call before you do leave to help us iron out any problems and (b) you cancel towards the end of your monthly billing cycle, as Web123 cannot give you a pro-rata refund on the month you leave.

Upgrade Today

Call us if you have ANY questions: 1800 776 123

Why does the Web123 website
builder work so well?

By joining Web123’s ProPartner program, you’re getting access to a website builder that will make a massive impact to the way you create websites for your clients.

The traditional model of building websites is incredible stressful, and requires the cooperation of designers, developers and hosting companies... who usually go missing in action just when you need them most!

Frankly, Web123 makes it as easy as... well... 1..2..3! Because
you can do everything yourself.

The Web123 Way

Choose a look - Add the brand - Refine the palette - Send a proof - Voila! Client Sold

Remember. Web123 offers a flexible little builder
with a powerful CMS engine behind it!

All Web123 sites can include the following:

  • Easy to use content management system (CMS)
  • eCommerce & shopping cart
  • Accepts multiple payment types
  • Full & complete inventory control
  • Allows promotion & discount codes
  • Blogging & news pages
  • Event calenders
  • Photo and banner galleries
  • Unlimited pages
  • Integrated email marketing software
  • Business directories
  • Customer capture forms
  • Contact forms
  • Full web analytical systems
  • Easy YouTube integration
  • Google maps integration
  • ‘Google friendly’ design
  • FREE email accounts
I've been down the road of the nightmare developer plenty of times. Web123 do web the way it should be done. It's a breeze - Emilio Park, Kwik Kopy (Phillip)

Got a quick question before you
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Hopefully by now, you’ve got all the information you need to make an
informed decision about joining the Web123 ProPartner program.
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Ummm, why are you still scrolling down the page?!

“The sooner you join Web123’s ProPartner program, the sooner you can complete your
Web123 ‘Get Smart’ certification course and the sooner you can start producing websites
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Hey, but you know... we understand if you’re getting cold feet. If you don’t want to buy
a “$10k website” for a tenth of the price, package it up with a bit of design work
and sell them onto your clients for $3,000+...well, I guess you’re free to go.

And if you’re not the sort of entrepreneur that wants to excite and delight customers
and make a massive profit margin in the process, then the exit button is right up
there on the top...
But… if you’re someone who wants to take control of the web
design process, join a team that will support you every step of the way AND
allow you to make your life a hell of a lot easier, then upgrade your account today.
Come on, you know you want to!”

Bianca xx
Only $199 a month
Upgrade your account today

Call us if you have ANY questions: 1800 776 123